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cd - ref : rnd03

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Lucky.R - "Lucky.R"
Lucky.R is luc's, member of melmac, solo project made during 2002 and 2003. It mixes break beat, abstract rap and electronica in an real introspective ambiance.

Influenced by DJ Cam or DJ Shadow, Lucky.R gives his own version of a tortured rap music mixed with atmospherics guitars.

Lucky.R goes deeper in his exerimentation with samples coming from dub or world music. His rap is like in suspension and becomes real introspecitve. This side of his works remind us of a Pan American working to bring together cold break beats and sample coming from the tropics.

The collaborations with sug[R]cane (label soundzfromnowhere), seb.r or Donna (label le grand téton) build a link between this real personal world and electronic music.

the final result allows us to hear an artist that has found a link between his work with melmac and a personal vision of a rapt music made from a mix between break beat, post rock and electronica.

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