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Home Catalogue rnd04 - sun plexus - "or ou ferraille? ..."
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cd - ref : rnd04
7,99€ - download 

Sun Plexus - "Or ou ferraille? A quelle profondeur?"

Sun Plexus has been dabbling in many music styles for over 10 years. We might mention experimental Noisecore, evoking the first albums by Public Image Ltd, Butthole surfers and concrete music. All the same, their extreme musical direction recalls the radical approach of groups from the Load Records label, notably the taste for extreme sound experimentation.

Sun Plexus paves the way down winding paths yet unexplored, using a multitude of tools to get there (scrap iron, Chinese firecrackers, etc.) or inventing new sounds from the original use of their favorite instruments.

Sun Plexus is not afraid of provocation. It pulls listeners into the intriguing and disturbing depths of its world. The biography on its site only serves to prove this...


Self- proclaimed inventors of 'anal-core', Gallic rockers Sun Plexus hate California and nuclear energy. Which is obviously why their latest release is dedicated to the savage splendours of sun worship and all its dazzling cultural facets. Fans of punky drum machine thrashers Metal Urbain, Sun Plexus also have the muscle, as well as the foot pedals, to make an unwholesomely nasty sound. What makes them particularly scary, however, is the adept way they use silence and emptiness to build up the threat. Meanwhile the jarring dynamics whipped up on track like "Amityville" take care of the rest.