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Home Catalogue rnd09 - sun plexus 2 - "en souvenir..."
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cd - ref : rnd09

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Sun Plexus 2 - en souvenir de l'horreur

In the midst of forbidding shantytowns in the great ruins of the dominant ultra-civilization… After years of musical performances that were each more chilling than the last (1993-1997)… And after attempting to awaken ears genetically modified by pathetic worldwide hard-discount pass-bands and gloomy virtual audio entertainment (1998-2004)… Sun Plexus withdrew to the depths of its sacred Romania to cross the secret temporal barrier opening the door to Antamak.
Isolated and bare, far from interstellar nothingness, the three sick minds of the solar plexus experimented with new random drugs for two light years (2005-2007), which plunged them into the bowels of a dark roar of materials to tame screaming bestial entities. The experience cleansed them. Now completely purified, SUN PLEXUS 2 has decided to return to the earthly wasteland (2008) with a new opus in the form of a particle accelerator that absorbs all of the excrement of music, binary or not, in memory of the horror.
For the rare survivors whose ears were spared from the universal sound disaster, the time is now or never. SUN PLEXUS 2 prepares to return to the 22nd century. The God of Electricity has given them a mission: to scour eardrums and reactivate the vibrations of Homo sapiens.

Help them fulfill their mission.

Philippe Zislin