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Home Catalogue rnd10 - eRikm & Akosh S. - "Züfall"
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eRikm & Akosh S. - Züfall

“Zufall” is a collaboration between eRikm behind the turntables with live sampling and Akosh S on the sax, flutes, clarinet, bells and tarogato. Not your everyday collaboration, but one that, at certain points, is nothing less than explosive, in a “free jazz” sense. eRikm cuts into the music, interrupting and sampling his sources etched in vinyl, manipulating them with effects and confining them in loops to create a dense structure over which Akosh S adds sequences with his saxophone or other wind instruments.
At other more “airy” moments, eRikm and Akosh S interact with a dialogue rather than speaking over each other. Finally, on certain compositions that approach concrete or electro-acoustic music, eRikm branches out by using a bow to create lingering and resonating noises, exploring frequencies recalling those of the instruments of Akosh S.
This wild and rhythmic combo is a must for any true aficionado of sound.

Review in The Wire (september of 08)

"in his sleevenotes for the 1959 album change of the century, Ornette Coleman suggested that his music was" something like the paintings of jackson pollock'.
when Coleman's epochal Free Jazz was issued the following year, Pollock's White Light was reproduced on the cover. In a spirit allied to action painting, this music was energy made audible and ordered from within.Hungarian reedsman Akosh Svelevé plays in the splistream of coleman and other free radicals sush as Albert Ayler and Pharaoah Sanders. But his collaration on Zufall with frensh turnatablist eRikm is less reminiscent of pollock than of the visual artworks of john' Cage's close associate Robert Rauschenberg- abstract expressionism wrestling constructively with pop culture, messy energy assuming neat form as it spills beyond the given frame and lets in the outside world.
These musicans share a taste for clenched tension and abrasive textures. On saxophones, clarinets and tarogato, Akosh S. inclines to a raw frictional tone that's just the right match for the grainy, crackling impurities emanating from eRikm's turntables, samplers and assorted electronics. Like found images stencelled onto a Rauschenberg canvas, fleeting beats, snippets of semi-familiar songs, even ironic fragements of orchestral music emerge within the prevailing abstration of eRikm's real time mix. Not least from his work in the quartet Poire_Z with the Voice-Crack duo and percussionist Günter müller, eRikm has developed a fine ability to create a surface wash that holds everything together without homogenising.At the same time he enters regularly into taut scratchy exchanges with Akosh S.'s growling horns. rauschenberg said, "You begin with the possibilities of the material".On Zufall those posibilities are realised very persuasively.
Julian Cowley"