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Home Catalogue rnd13 - AH Kraken - "Live Mort"
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AH Kraken - Live Mort

Ronda, in partnership with the Sonic Protest Festival is pleased to announce the release of the digital disc AH Kraken "Live Death".
This disc is a recording of the band in December 2008 live at the Sonic Protest Festival in Paris.

Come to Metz, AH Kraken practice a punk brutal, ugly and noisy. Their sound is mixture of savagery urgent primary mixing frantic rhythms, industrial noises, and vocals belched. Citing influences as disparate PIL, Motorhead, U.S. Maple, Suicide, Flipper, The Shaggs and Chrome, AH Kraken will always walk on the razor's edge somewhere close to an explosion which seems always imminent.

AH Kraken is not for sensitive and cool souls.High Sensations guarantees.

For fans of Brainbombs, DrunkWith Guns and Pussy Galore