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Home Catalogue rnd11 - Ogrob - "ein geisteskranker..."
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Ampoules de lorenzini (mp3)

Ogrob - ein geisteskranker als künstler

Sébastien Borgo / Ogrob is a noise guitarist and founding member of the French-Romanian experimental post-punk trio SUN PLEXUS 2, along with Laurent Berger and Remy Bux, in existence since 1993.  In parallel, he has been composing prepared and/or electronic guitar-based pieces since 1991, sometimes venturing into concrete music, harsh noise, field recordings and fine arts.

Ein Geisteskranker als Künstler has 14 pieces out of archives between 1994 and 2006. We discover a multitude of sounds of instruments: guitars, basses, cymbals, analog synth, or misappropriated objects: 45s, radio tube, ... or a person "trapped" as drowsy during the installation of Regreb and Ogrob the "temple of rock". Each piece is different and can only be discovered by its own. However, the disc is a rare consistency. The Wire mentionned it as one of 2010’s more impressive musique concrète releases.

Musician without compromise, we propose here a trip to the limit actual fact ghostly visions and shipping in the depths of dark and wet caves. Ogrob composed by a mesmerizing music but also enjoys playing with our nerves ... The listener will not escape unscathed, you will be warned ...

As of 1988, various projects came out of these encounters and friendships with : Aka_bondage, Bole (Erell Latimier & Olivier Brisson), Alan Courtis, Dragibus, eRikm, Emmanuel Holterbach, Loner (Mike Pullen, Circle X sound ingeneer, joint effort with Sun Plexus 2), Melmac, Donald Miller, The Nihilist Spasm Band (sessions with Sun Plexus 2), Christophe Sorro, Damo Suzuki Network, Ulan Bator (a collaboration with Trio de Traitres), Bruce Witsiepe and more.

In 1992, he founded the Shot Gun Gallery in Strasbourg with Fréderic Bauer, a non-subsidized exhibition and concert space : Borbetomagus, Daddy Long Legs, Cellule d’Intervention Metamkine, KG, Keith Rowe, W.O.O., Dust Breeders, Hervé Bohnert, Polit Buro, Pitch, etc.

After becoming too hype, the SGG slammed its doors shut in 1998.

Today, in addition to his activities with Sun Plexus 2, he participates in diverse collective projects : Foi Pour Pusillanime (with Caroline Ehret), French Doctors (with Frank De Quengo, Olivier Manchion, Nicolas Marmin, Edward Perraud),  L'Autopsie A Révélé Que La Mort Etait Due A L'Autopsie (with Alan Courtis, Frank De Quengo, Nicolas Marmin), Le 9900 (with Jean-Yves Davillers), Micro_penis (with François Heyer, Alexandre Kittel, Claude Spenlehauer)and Regreb & Ogrob (with Laurent Berger).


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